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I trained extensively with World/National Champions and many top US Amatuer athletes who have all contributed to my knowledge of better health, improved fitness & peak performance.   Using this experience to help my clients in their fitness training and/or self improvement program at any fitness level.

     Dave Scott
 (my former coach back in 1998, 99)                                              University of Colorado-Potts field 1999
Hawaii Ironman World Champion x 6

"Ernie, Always enjoyed your great work ethic, and I'm sure both your athletes and non-athletic clients have benefited from your athletic excellence
and coaching passion."
Dave Scott  - (Triathlon legend)

"2 years of consistent training with Mark Plaatjes solidified my long distance training/racing confidence!!" Ernie Port
Mark Plaatjes  (World Marathon Champion) and Johnny Halberstaat post race (my team 'Boulder Road Runners' won Gold medal 2001 Mid American Masters Cross Country Championships, Boulder, CO)


"The right training and a competent coach make for the best results."
Shannon Butler - (USATF National 10k Champion, NCAA 5k & 10K Champion and 2 year training partner)

"I have known Ernie for over 20 years, back when he was a Buckeye.
I was running for the University of Akron when I first ran with Ernie.
Health, fitness, friendship and wellness have always been a part of Ernie's lifestyle. He is passionate for staying fit and helping others improve.  I would highly recommend Ernie's advice.  He will guide you to your goals."
Mark Godale   -Elite Ohio ultra runner, 1999 USA Track & Field  Ultra Runner of the Year,
                                      Former American Record Holder for the 24-Hour Run

   Movement Climbing & Fitness with Jon Sinclair,
and near the start of the Maiden, south Flatirons, Boulder

"Ernie is a master of fitness fun and the go to guy for a great workout partner or fitness coach!"
Jon Sinclair -
former top elite pro runner, former US National Cross Country & 10,000 meter Champion, "Road Runner's Club of America" Hall of Fame member 
                                                                                    Incarnation 5.12b   Eldo              Death  & Transfiguration 5.11b 1972
"Ernie's training can dramatically increase your endurance...for those Big days in the mountains...when increased strength & fitness can make the Big difference between...failure or success!"
Roger Briggs -retired Fairview High School physics teacher, author, legendary rock climber

                                                                                                                        Tonya on summit of Mt. Everest 2006
"For the past ten years I have run and climbed with Ernie Port and found him to be a terrific partner both on the track and on the other end of my rope. Ernie has an uncanny ability to create a zone of comfort while at the same time pushing you to go beyond what you deemed possible. I believe Ernie is a very supportive trainer that will encourage you to reach your fullest potential or highest heights."
Tonya Clement -
former President-Colo. Mountain Club (Boulder), Mt. Everest summiter
"Ernie is one of those rare types who get better with age and I think that it comes from an organic drive to explore his limitations and his surroundings, whether it be on foot, rope, bike, or any other mode. I'm confident Ernie is able to transfer his passion to his trainees, given that it is practically contagious."
Adam Chase -Elite multi-sport endurance athlete   

Ted on podium after winning 2013 Winter Park race series (expert 50-54 age)
"Training with Ernie has been fun as well as a learning experience. His background, knowledge, and experience in health and fitness can only produce lasting health benefits for those who use him as a trainer."
Ted "Crash" Benning -accomplished Mountain bike racer, top distance runner

“Ernie’s training is a must for anyone who wants to ski to their peak ability, no matter of age, experience or terrain. Having the best days on the slopes comes from a good efficient training regiment off the slopes!”
Chad St. Onge -former US Ski team member, brother of World Champion Freestyle skier  Ryan St. Onge

“It's easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone.”   “Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them-a desire, a dream, a vision.” “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.” “Love is the strongest force the world possesses.”
                                                                                                                                                             ~ Gandhi 

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