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Active News 

               Movement is medicine! Get out and Move!!
                                Practice Self Reliance !!

Hiked the Alkali Flat trail at White Sands, NM. (Oct 2019) with Franco.
               It takes Speed to capture (and then release) 
a young, bleached earless lizard

Visited Carlsbad Caverns NP, Carlsbad, NM (Oct 2019)

Hiked the Devils Hall trail, Guadalupe NP, Texas (Oct 2019)

Hiked Bear lake to Odessa lake to Fern lake and beyond!                                           Rocky Mountain National Park


                                 (Both in June & July 2019)

"Of all the paths you take in Life, make sure some are on Dirt."~ Muir

Climbed Old Man Mt. & Castle Mt. Estes Park, CO (Sept 2019)

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~Muir

Summited San Luis Peak 14,014' Solo (Aug 2019), my 45th 14er,

(via South ridge).  La Garita Mt. Range, Saguache County, CO.

"Climb the Mountains and get their Good Tidings, Nature's Peace will Flow into You as Sunshine Flows into Trees."~Muir

"One days exposure to Mountains is worth a cartload of Books

." ~Muir


Keep close to Nature's Heart...and break clear away, once in awhile,

and climb a mountain or spend a week in the 

woods.  Wash your Spirit Clean." ~Muir

"I'd rather be in the Mountains thinking of God than in a Church thinking about the Mountains." ~Muir

Hiked Crack Canyon near Temple Mt., Utah (June 2019)

Visited Goblin Valley SP, Utah (June 2019)

 Visited/Hiked in Natural Bridges NM, Utah (June 2019)

Hiked Great Sand Dunes NP, Mosca, CO (May, Aug, Oct 2019)

 Summited Mt. Olympus 8,808', Estes Park, CO. (July 2019)

Hiked Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Mt. Biked Deadhorse Point SP, Moab, Utah (May 2019)

Visited MesaVerde NP Cortez/Durango, CO (May 2019)

Hiked Deer Mt. in Rocky Mountain NP (May 2019)

Summited Mt. Lindsey 14,042' Solo (June 2018), my 44th 14er,      (via the 4th class NW Ridge route).  Costilla County, CO

Summited Wetterhorn 14,015' and Uncompahgre 14,309' Peaks                          Hinsdale County, CO (Solo, June 2018)

               Ran up Manitou Hill climb in 32 minutes!

Climbed the Via Ferrata outside Telluride, Colorado (July 2017)

                           Telluride, Colorado in the distance
   Hang a left at 6th switchback, past waterfall and look hard... 

            Climbed 14ers Redcloud, Sunshine, Handies Peaks 

Sunshine Peak 14,001' as seen from Redcloud summit approach

       Redcloud Peak summit shot (7 hour Solo effort, age 59)

        Redcloud Peak (rear) 14,034'  Hinsdale County, Colorado

Handies Peak summit...cold Sept morning! (7 hours solo effort)

    A meadow below Handies Peak 14,048' on approach hike

                Climbed Blanca Peak 14,345' (Solo age 59)

              Little Bear peak as seen from Blanca summit

                       Nearing Blanca summit 14,345'

    Ellingwood Point 14,042' as seen from Blanca's north ridge

             Hiked up Scarp ridge from Lake Irwin CB, CO 

     Green lake and Ruby peak 12,644' on way to Scarp ridge

                                               Ruby peak

Looking down valley at Mt. Crested Butte from Scarp ridge

Frank Weller strolls alongside the wild flowers on Scarp ridge 

     Summit of Scarp ridge 11,876' outside Crested Butte, CO

              Hiking up to the summit of Scarp ridge!

           Mountain bike riding in Crested Butte, Colorado 

                                   401 Riders trail CB, CO

         401 Riders trail CB,CO (view north at Aspen, Colorado)

        Another great nordic ski in the Colorado backcountry 

           Bob Lewis using technique up a rise in the trail

           2" of new powder snow...great ski conditions! 

 The sun shines on us as we ski our 3 hour backcountry loop!

   Nordic skiing today on fresh pow somewhere in Colorado!

               with my favorite ski bum buddy, Bob Lewis!

               the smile that comes with peaceful, serenity... 

          Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, Co.

                                        Liberty Cap trail 

Liberty Cap rock (foreground) Grand Mesa (far distance)

       Frank Weller admires the rock walls along the way

               Climbed Capitol Peak (14,130') Aspen, Colorado 

            Dawn at 12,500', saddle between Mt. Daly and K2

        The climb up K2 (a sub peak along the ridge to Capitol)
     The start of 'Knife Edge ridge'...Capitol's summit beyond

            Snowmass Mountain 14,092' as seen from K2

                   A short rest near the summit of Capitol

         A view down ridge line near the summit of Capitol Peak

                A successful Summit of Capitol Peak 14,130'

                         View from the top, Capitol Lake below

                                            Summit crew

          Climbed Pyramid Peak (14,108') Aspen, Colorado 

Pyramid seen from NE shoulder with Rob Broeren ahead

The long scree slope up to NE shoulder of Pyramid Peak
                               Near the start of the 4th class 'Green rock' section

Pyramid summit headwall, steep 4th/5th class, much loose rock

 Summit shot Pyramid Peak (14,108') Maroon Bells in distance

                   Crossing the Narrow ledge on the descent 

            Flying 'leap of faith' across a break in the ledge

     Afternoon haze on Maroon Bells seen from trail on descent

             Climbed Kit Carson (14,165') & Challenger (14,081')

   Willow Lake after a 5 mile hike in from Willow trail head

                           Kit Carson shrouded in clouds

 Start of the 1500' vertical climb, sustained 4th class...4 hours in

               Half way up the North ridge route...5 hours in

       A view up at the North ridge route (4th class) at half way

  Finally, the summit of Kit Carson at 11:45am in good weather!

 Descending Kit C. via the 'avenue' on way to Challenger Point!

 Challenger Point summit (14,081') safely over and then down...

              Summit of Mt. Evans 14,168' with Gary Gianetti

ummit of Shoshoni peak 12,686'

                               Yankee Boy basin Ouray, Colorado
           Nearing Mt. Sneffels 14,150' with Chuck Daniels and Bob Lewis

               Mountain biking to Gold Hill, Colorado and Switzerland trail 

Panache group ride up Flagstaff mountain road in Boulder, Co. with Don Powell and others...

2018 Active News posts coming!

“I travel not to go anywere, but to go.” I travel for travels sake. The great affair is to move.” We are all travelers in the wilderness of the world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

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