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About Ernie's Colorado life

                           Mt. Antero summit 14,291' in Chaffee County, Colorado

ERNIE PORT is a dedicated health/strength and fitness professional,  and has been a nationally certified personal trainer for over 15 years thru

Contact Info:

Ernie Port
(303) 440-7324

If you're ever in Boulder, text me to Hike or a Free exercise session!

Specialties and Training Style:
•General Fitness/Health and Wellness
•Muscular Strength and Endurance     
•Core Strength, Balance and Flexibility
•Sport Conditioning
•High Intensity Training
•Weight Management

Professional Trainer Experience:

Boulder Healthy Living & Fitness Solutions (15 years) 
    -Owner, Personal Fitness/Strength/Training/Coaching
Boulder Country Club (3 years)
    -Group Spin Cycle & Group Cyclocross leader
     -Sport (Ski/Snowboard) conditioning Instructor

Movement Climbing & Fitness, Boulder (2 years)
    -Personal trainer/Group fitness & Spin cycle leader
Boulder Valley YMCA (2 years+)
    -Personal trainer/Group cycle leader

CPR/AED/First Aide certified by The American Red Cross

  I am a 24 year resident of Boulder, Colorado of the healthiest, most desirable cities in the country.  My own personal fitness activities include road cycling, mountain biking, high altitude hiking/mountaineering, rock climbing, nordic & alpine skiing, weight training, spinning, yoga and road/trail running. 
               Healthy habits that keep me moving and make me happy!

                                    Some things I've done over the years...                                            

Running:   "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"   ~Steve Prefontaine

I completed 10 running marathons including the 
Boston Marathon  X 3 
(1996 (3:03 chip time) age 39, '95 (3:04 gun time, 2:58:30 watch time, pre chip), '93 (3:28 gun time pre chip) with a personal best of 2:59 (gun time, pre chip) at the Marine Corp. Marathon (1993, age 36). Competed in hundreds of races of varying distances all across the US.  
A few fun races and times while racing as a masters athlete (40+ age group)

2001 USTF Mid American Masters XC Championships-winning Gold Medal on team Boulder Road Runners
1999 Bolder Boulder 10k 37:30 age 42 (11 straight years sub 40 minute finisher at BB10k as a masters runner)
1999 Inaugural Boulder Backroads 1/2 marathon 1:23:16 age 42, 17th place, 3rd in age group. This was a shining race for me as a masters runner as this field was stacked with top, local talent on a challenging, unpaved, dirt/gravel backroads course at altitude 5,430'!  Mark Plaatjes (the 1993 World Marathon Champion) was the winner, a training partner for several years, Dave Scott (6X Ironman World Champion), my coach at the time finished 11th, Johnny Halberstadt (former NCAA 10k track Champion) finished 8th.     I finished strong in 17th place overall, in a field of over a thousand runners...proud of my effort at age 42!!
1999 Georgetown to Idaho Springs 1/2 Marathon, Co.  1:21:55 age 42, another very good race for me!
1999 The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon 3:08 age 42 
1997 Run Thru Hell 5k, Clearwater, Florida 18:10 (1st master) age 40
1998 Pearl Street 1 mile, Boulder, Co. 5:00 (4th master) age 40
2007 Pearl Street 1 mile, Boulder, Co. 5:16 (2nd 50+) age 50
2009 Down Hill Mile, Superior, Co. 5:09 (2nd 50+, 3rd 40+) age 52
2001/02 Sunrise Stampede, Longmont, Co. 2 mile 11:10
 (1st master, 5th overall), 11:14 (1st 40-44) age 43/44
2000 Boulder Road Runners All Comer track meet 1500 meters 4:45 (1st 
 overall) age 43
1999 River Run, Lyons, Co. 5k 17:25 age 40
1995 Redondo Beach, California 10k 38:05 age 38 (almost a master!)
1995 Firecracker 5k, Medina, Ohio 16:50 age 38 (almost a master!)
1995 Buckeye 1/2 Marathon, CVNR, Ohio 1:23:19 age 38 (almost a master!)
1995 Cleveland Revco 10k 37:37 Cleveland, Ohio 
1995 Peace Race 10k
, Youngstown, Ohio 36:24 age 38 (almost a master!)
1994 Bobby Crim 10 miler, Flint, Mi. 62:01 age 37 (almost a master!)
                                         Training at age 50

 A competitive age group athlete, always working for consistency thru smart training and injury avoidance, set a goal when I moved to Boulder in 1996 at age 39, to race my hometown Bolder Boulder 10k road race in under 40 minutes every year from age 40 thru age 50...clocking 39:55 at age 50 to complete the goal of 11 years consecutively under 40 min. as a master!  (23 consecutive BolderBoulder 10k races completed 1997-2019)
Also competed in triathlon and duathlon events. 

1999 Bolder Boulder 10k 37:30, age 42              Pearl Street Mile 5:00, age 40    1999 Boulder Peak Duathlon finish
                                                                                                                                  3rd-master division finisher (age 42)
:   Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.” ~Robert L Stevenson

A traditional and sport climber in Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, The Flatirons, Lumpy Ridge (RMNP), Shelf and Rifle here in Colorado...and have led routes to top of Devils Tower, The Grand Teton and Vedauwoo in Wyoming.  Have led hundreds of rock routes in Eldorado Canyon, Boulder, Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park over the years.
A few fun photos of me leading trad routes in Eldorado Canyon (my favorite) over the years:
            The "Unsaid" 5.9 trad         "White Lightning" 5.10 trad       "Tagger" 5.9 trad pitch 1         "Bastille Crack" 5.7 trad
"The Great Zot" 5.8+ trad  pitch 4                           "Ruper" 5.8+ pitch 4                           crux roof of "Tagger"  pitch 1

      "Outer Space" 5.10c pitch 2              "Rosy Crucifixion" 5.10a pitch 1                               "Hair City" 5.9+ pitch 1

                           "Monkey Traverse" V4  Flagstaff Mountain                                  "The Green Spur" 5.9+

               "The Yellow Spur" 400' of climbing (5.10a crux), I've climbed 3X  :)  (most popular climb in the park!)
Mountaineering:  "The mountains are calling and I must go!"  ~John Muir

I've Summited 45 of 
Colorado 14,000' mountains (14ers), and have also summited over 60 named peaks 10,000' or higher in Rocky Mountain National Park, including 18 of top 20 highest peaks.
My Photos of fun alpine routes led in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming:
    Crestone Needle  14,197'   Aug 2013      Crestone Peak summit 14,294' with Ted Romero & me (at age 56)
Sangre de Cristo mountain range, Colorado...completing the 'Crestone traverse' (Peak to Needle, a 15 hour effort car to car starting from near South Colony TH) 

                   Castle Peak   14,265'                                                          Summit shot with Woodson Spring
Elk range, Aspen, Colorado...completing traverse and summit up Conundrum Peak  14,060'  Sept 2013

 Mt. Shavano  14,229' as seen from Tabeguache summit                                Summit shot
    Sawatch mountain range, Buena Vista, Colorado                                          September 2013
  Shavano traverse to Tabeguache with Rob Weldon           Summit- Mt. Tabeguache  14,154'             

                                 Mt. Yale  14,196'                                         
      nearing summit ridge on Yale...                                         Summit shot-with Philip Readle
      Sawatch mountain range, Buena Vista, Colorado                                           October 2013

  The Grand Teton  13,775'                         on 'Wall Street'            Summit-via Upper Exum ridge
    Jackson Hole, Wyoming  (listed as one of the 50 classic climbs in N. America)    August 2002 (age 45)

     Notchtop Mountain  12,129'                                    Summit shot-climbed via the Spiral Route
      Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                      July 2008 (age 51)


Copeland Mt. seen from Ogallalla Peak      
Ogallala summit 13,138'-via Cony Pass (ElkTooth behind)
                Rocky Mountain National Park (a 10 hour effort)                                                          
July 2010
  (age 53)
 12,630'                                                       Summit via Northeast ridge with Bob Lewis
Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                                                July 2006 (age 49)

     Devils Tower, Wyoming  865' (listed as one of the 50 classic climbs in N. America)    Durrance route

    pitch 1 goes up this pillar                     Bob Lewis following pitch 3     a nearby climber in the morning light

                        Summit shot (age 48)                         Start of 1st of 5...200' rappels...800+' down 
                                                                            July 2005
          Longs Peak   14,255'                Summit via Mt. Meeker, Loft to Clarks Arrow route (solo x3)
       Rocky Mountain National Park                           (15th time summiting Long's, from 6 different routes)
August 2011 (age 54)

  Lambs Slide couloir        Kieners' route on Longs Peak  east 'Diamond Face'    Bob Lewis on Lambs Slide
        on Broadway...                                                    Summit shot                            near summit above Peacock pool
                                                                Rocky Mountain National Park               (just past the 'Diamond step')
August 2003 (age 46)

Longs Peak  Keyhole Ridge  route *Classic* (this isn't the class 3 keyhole route), 2nd roped crux pitch
                                                                                                                               (Ed Thompson on lead)
Looking down the ridge above the keyhole and Storm near the summit at 14,200+' July 2008 (age 51)

  Powell Peak  13,208'  as seen from Thatchtop Mt.                      as seen from Solitude lake 11,400'

Climbing the Northeast ridge from Thatchtop Mt. with Alan LaGow & Bob Lewis    Summit shot
Rocky Mountain National Park (a 12 hour effort)                                                  August 2007 (age 50)

Spearhead and Chiefs Head Peak from the north,Ed Thompson on Mt. Orton 11,724' (Chiefshead/Pagoda peaks behind
     Chiefs Head Peak  13,579'     August 2007   Ed Thompson on the
Summit via Lion lakes & east slopes
Rocky Mountain National Park (My good friend Edward, sadly
died in 2008 while doing what he loved, solo climbing)

           Hallett Peak & Tyndall Glacier  12,713'              Summit via Flattop Mt.              Andrews Glacier
             Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                                           June 2007

   Mt. Alice  13,310' ...viewed from Lion Lake #2                                  Summit via Hour Glass ridge
           Rocky Mountain National Park (a 13 hour effort)                                     September 2007

                          Mt. Alice's  Hour Glass Ridge  on the Continental Divide *Classic Big day hike*

trail junction Meeker, Longs, Mt. Lady Washington...     top of Iron Gates route, east ridge of Mt. Meeker        
        Mt. Meeker 
13,911'                             8th time summiting Mt. Meeker via Iron Gates/east ridge route
Rocky Mountain National Park                                                             August 2011 (age 54)

  Little Matterhorn  as seen from Lake Helene...                                                     and as seen from Odessa Lake
     Little Matterhorn  11,586'  with Alan LaGow                             Summit via Southeast face 
          Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                August 2007 (age 50)

Copeland from Bluebird Lake trail...Huge day of hiking high, view north @ Ouzel Lake and Longs cirque
  Copeland Mountain 13,176' with Alan LaGow                            
Summit via northeast slopes
        Rocky Mountain National Park (a 12 hour effort)
                                       October 2008 (age 51)

   Bluebird Lake below Ouzel Peak on approach to Isolation Peak...and passing Isolation Lake at 12,000'
On the Continental Divide looking south at Ouzel and Ogallala Peak...view north of Chiefs Head, Long's & Mt Meeker
Nearing the summit of  Isolation Peak  13,118', Isolation Lake below            Alan LaGow on the summit   
         Rocky Mountain National Park (a 12 hour effort)                                                 August 2007   

 McHenrys Peak  13,327' seen from Spearhead...and as seen from Stoneman Pass (on descent)
Looking down Arrowhead arête and Peak below, McHenrys Summit shot (Long's Peak behind), on Stoneman Pass
   *Classic*   (a 12 hour effort)                      
Rocky Mountain National Park                         July 2007 (age 50)


on the way to Tanima Peak  12,420'              Ranger cabin below Boulder-Grand Pass                                    

       Thunder Lake...Boulder-Grand Pass beyond              Lake of Many Winds...below
Boulder-Grand Pass
            a black bear and cubs seen along the way...             
Alan LaGow up on the summit of Tanima Peak
              Rocky Mountain National Park (a 9hour effort)                               August 2008
 (age 51)         

        Looking up at The Gable from Odessa Lake             greeted
along the way by a brown trout in Fern Lake
The Gable with Bob Lewis                               Summit shot via Odessa Lake
Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                   July 2011

View of Gabletop Mountain  from summit of The Gable...and as seen from Bighorn Flats approach
            Gabletop Mt 11,939' 
            Summit via Flattop Mt. & Bighorn flats with Bob Lewis
             Rocky Mountain National Park                                                                September 2011
 (age 54)     

          Mt. Neva 12,814' 
 via North ridge               Summit view of Lake Dorothy with Peter Mackie
Indian Peaks Wilderness                                                  September 2010
 (age 53)                     

Jerry Allen, Bob Lewis hiking Continental Divide trail via Milner passNever Summer mountains 
                  curious Marmot on the trail                                    a
Ptarmigan just off the trail
                Elk graze in a meadow...                                           as the bull watches us...
       Mt. Ida 12,880...seen from 
Chief Cheley                        Bob Lewis 
on the summit 
          Rocky Mountain National Park                                                July 2007  

Mountain Biking:
I thought of that while riding my bicycle." ~Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity

A favorite activity of mine!  Travel to Moab, Crested Butte, Vail, Fruita, Grand Junction, Golden, Lyons and here in Boulder to challenge myself on the best singletrack in the US!                         
             403 trail  Sept. 2012                     Crested Butte, Colorado          end of Deer Creek trail  Sept. 2012

Lower 401    
             Near the clouds on the  
401 Trail  & Schofield Pass  Sept. 2011,12 
(age 54, 55) 
                                                                   Crested Butte, Colorado                                                                         

                                   Lupin Trail        
                                    a local, the elusive pine marten  
Crested Butte, Colorado                                                      July 2011

                                                                 Zippity Do Dah trail
                                                            Fruita, Colorado
:           "It's always snowing somewhere!"  ~Warren Miller

My winter training/recreation takes place high in the Rocky Mountains, nordic and alpine skiing.  Good times in the white powder of the Colorado high country!
          Brainard lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness                           Cony Flats, Indian Peaks Wilderness
                       Boulder County, Colorado  
                                                      Boulder County, Colorado

Arapaho Basin  Resort                                                         Keystone Resort
                         Summit County, Colorado                                              Summit County, Colorado
                      Breckenridge Resort                                                             Winter Park Resort
                 Summit County, Colorado                                                   Grand County, Colorado

                                                                   Buchanan Pass Trail
                                                  Peaceful Valley, Boulder County, Colorado
                                                                                  January 2013

“I am losing precious days. I am degenerating into a machine for making money. I am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. I must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news"     ~John Muir

more of Ernie's historical trivia:

-Ernie is a native of Akron, Ohio...

-As a teenager, Ernie enjoyed the game of golf. Ernie helped pay for his Walsh Jesuit High School education as a golf caddy at Silver Lake Country Club & Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio. When not carrying golf bags for Silver Lake members back in the 1970's, he caddied at famed Firestone when pro tournaments came to Akron. In 1972 and 1973 Ernie caddied for Julius Boros (1952, 1962 US Open Champion, 1968 PGA Champion) consecutive years at Firestone in a PGA tournament called The American Golf Classic.  In 1974 Ernie was caddy for David Graham (1979 PGA Champion, 1981 US Open Champion) in this tournament.  And in 1975, Ernie was the caddy for Jerry Barber (1961 PGA Champion), in the 57th PGA Championship held on Firestone's South course. In 1976, Ernie caddied for Roy Pace, in the final American Golf Classic, held on Firestone's North course.

 Julius Boros (SI cover 7/63)

David Graham (SI cover 6/81)                                                                    Jerry Barber (SI cover 2/18/63)                                                               

-Ernie played football & baseball from 5th grade thru senior year in high school. His 8th grade Holy Family varsity football team were 1970 Akron CYO Champions. Winning the championship game 16-0 over Akron St. John grade the time a very competitive youth league.  Playing sports, Ernie discovered his love for competition. And how setting goals and achieving them not only brings satisfaction, but also builds strength in character.

-Ernie attained the rank of Eagle Scout, thru Scouting, Ernie discovered his love for the great outdoors.



“Everyday courage has few witnesses. But yours is no less noble because no drum beats for you and no crowds shout your name.”    ~Robert Louis Stevenson  


“Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”     ~John Muir

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