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Ernie Port             303 440-7324 


Boulder based Personal Training with a History of Proven Results!
Great Health and Top Fitness is NOT something you jump into, its a LIFETIME Process!

I help Provide Motivation & Exercise Mentoring for Improved Healthy Living, for the rest of your LIFE!!

Improving Health, Strength and Fitness is my mission!
As your personal trainer, I pledge to help at every step towards improving your health, strength and fitness with a program designed to achieve your personal goals!  Leading and motivating you with proven training methods, advice, and strategies sanctioned by the U.S. National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).   If you wish to get in shape, lose extra pounds and just feel better...I can help! Let me show you how it's done!
Programs are designed for individual personal achievement. My goal is to ensure you have a successful, productive, enjoyable experience throughout this self improvement process!

                      Get strong
er, fitter, healthier with my help!                                  
                                                      Lose fat and gain extra muscle
Improve nutritional habits
                                    Increase strength and
                                    Feel better and
Build confidence
Increase quality of life
Client Testimonials :

"Ernie Port has been my personal trainer for 8 years.  He has kept me focused on my goals and certainly puts me through my paces each workout.  I feel I have been able to maintain my strength, balance and coordination through the variety of exercises we do; no mean feat as I try to keep this aging body fit and healthy.  Ernie is professional and knowledgeable and at the same time he is positive and cheerful. We have fun and laughs even as I grunt and groan! Still A-Number-One trainer - thanks so much, Ernie!"
Mary C. (updated)
Boulder, Colorado

"I really look forward to working out with Ernie each week! I needed the motivation to make exercise a part of my daily life and he has provided that motivation in a way that's relaxed and fun. Since I started working with Ernie, I'm stronger and more fit and our weekly workouts are always enjoyable. I like having a standing appointment with Ernie, it keeps me moving forward with my goals and I can see the progress. Ernie has a calm personality, so even though he pushes me, it's always positive. Aside from my improved fitness, I've genuinely appreciated the chance to get to know Ernie - I feel like I have a really fit friend who comes to work out with me each week!" 
Greeley Sachs -
Business owner & Mom
 Longmont, Colorado

"Ernie fits my needs superbly.  He t
akes me thru a great regimen for an 86 year old guy, is dependable and punctual.  I always leave the gym looking forward to working with a caring friend, not just a training client."
Stanley Goldberg -retired Boulder Architect and 
Continent mountaineer
Boulder, Colorado (Stan is now 91 yrs young, and still gym trains twice weekly)

"A+ for Ernie Port after first 20 sessions with him. I recently moved to Boulder and wanted to continue with fitness and strength training as part of my effort to stay strong and healthy as I enter my "senior" years. Ernie's commitment to me and his focus on my goals and specific training needs has been outstanding. He not only challenges me during each workout, he also provides me with great health tips to round out my program. He is skilled, knowledgeable, and fun."
Mary C.  -retired Human resources professional
Boulder, Colorado

"I am a 53 year old male and for the last 20 years or so, I've lived a sedentary lifestyle.  I worked behind a desk all day and sat on the sofa at home all night. From time to time, I'd start an exercise program, but would never stick to it.  As a result, I gained over 50 unwanted pounds.
In August I started another exercise program, but this time decided to work with a personal trainer, hoping that a trainer would help me stick with it.  I did some research online, interviewed a few individuals, and chose to work with Ernie. 
This has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Over the last six months I've had 50 sessions.  During that time with Ernie's help and a better diet, I've lost 40 lbs.  and
feel and look much, much better.  I'm getting stronger, my balance is improving, and I have more stamina.

Ernie is equal parts taskmaster and motivator.  He pushes me hard, but always offers praise for hard work.  Best of all, he is fun to work with.  For the first time in many years, I actually look forward to exercising.  Our sessions are one of the highlights of my day.

I am looking forward to working with Ernie for a long, long time." Chuck McElwain -CPA Boulder, Colorado

"I started training with Ernie over 2 years ago with the aim to make workouts a part of my daily life. As I see myself getting stronger and fitter, the initial thoughts of “why am I doing this???” over morning coffee have changed to “Let’s do this!”. Thanks to Ernie’s training, tips, and motivation the BolderBoulder 10km run became the highlight of my spring and I am looking at running a half marathon this fall. Ernie has the perfect feeling on choosing exercises that keep the balance between challenge and doable. He has helped me to find confidence in my physical strength and has taught me how to break the walls along the way. In addition to our weekly meetings I have started to exercise on my own. Yet knowing that I need that extra push and inspiration from a third party I will keep working out with him. Ernie is flexible, competent, friendly and reliable. I feel great and look forward to becoming fitter and healthier." Barbara Dix -Atmospheric Physicist Boulder, Colorado

 "My wife and I made a commitment to get back in shape this year, once and for all, after a challenging decade of juggling new careers, starting a business, and launching a family. Ernie has been an anchor and a smiling, positive force as we've started changing our lifestyle.  Having him come to our house has been really helpful to make it easy.  We've both seen notable changes in just a few weeks in strength gain, endurance, energy, and muscle tone. Ernie's approach has been just right for us as we've needed to ease back into working out, while not overdoing it - a cycle I've been trying to break for the last few years. Now he's kicking our butts a bit more after the foundation has been laid, and it feels great to start seeing results so quickly.  He has such a broad range of athletic experience, and that has helped keep the workouts fresh, challenging, and interesting. We love the fact that Ernie walks the talk and has had a lifelong commitment to being active - he's an inspiring role model.  He's 18 years older than I am and running circles around me!"
Justin Perkins -Founder, OLOMOMO Nut Company
Boulder, Colorado

 "After giving birth to my daughter and not exercising for a whole year, I thought my body was never going to be able to recuperate. However, within one week of starting to work with Ernie, I started to lose weight and see results. 
My overall body tone looks healthy, in fact, I'm fitter now than when I was in college. But what's most important, training with Ernie helped me approach fitness as a lifestyle. On top of our biweekly workouts at the gym, he emphasized a healthy diet and the importance of living a healthy, active life year round.  
In short, Ernie is a fantastic coach, who is able to adapt to your fitness level while pushing you to work hard beyond your comfort zone. I'm definitely signing up for more sessions with him."
Ayari De la Rosa -Business owner & Mom
Boulder, Colorado

"I have been working out with Ernie for one year now.  As a weekend warrior, endurance sport junkie, I came to Ernie with a pretty good fitness base.  I have no problem self motivating for aerobic training, but when it comes to strength training I needed some help and motivation.  Ernie listened carefully to my goals for our training sessions and has delivered big time!  I look forward to our workouts and it is fun to see my strength improving each week.  I have no doubt that the improvements in my strength will increase my overall fitness."
Jeff Bernardy -Dr. of Dentistry
Boulder, Colorado

"I started getting back into rock climbing last year and reached a point where I was stuck at an intermediate level.  I tried to train on my own, but it yielded no tangible results. But after my sessions with Ernie, which focused on strength training (upper and lower body) for an overall increase in power using plyometics to aide me in greater 'dynamic movements', I noticed a wonderful change in my climbing.  At a recent competition, I climbed harder routes, dyno'd further, and climbed longer than  ever before.  It was fantastic...and I believe Ernie was integral to my success!
Raili Schilling -
University of Colorado student & rock climber
Boulder, Colorado

Ernie’s training has rekindled my motivation to be active and stay fit, 
something I have struggled with since my early teens. After having achieved 
80 sessions of physical training with him, I not only feel much healthier 
but have also noticed positive changes in areas I did not expect.  
I am a local musician and play 1-4 times a week on average, and with some gigs’ 
playing time can reach up to 3-4 it’s important to have sufficient 
physical endurance to stay mentally sharp from beginning to end. 
I’ve benefited greatly from Ernie’s training services, and have especially 
found his help to prove wonders with my stamina on stage. On top of Ernie’s 
physical training improving how I feel while at work, I also find more joy 
in the outdoor activities I use to love when I was younger, such as skiing 
and hiking. Being in better physical shape is something I now cherish, and 
since I am still at the age where my body can be forgiving, I need the advantage of being able to more easily develop good fitness. It’s not an easy thing to do, and I’m still working at it...but the help Ernie has given me has made those goals seem more achievable than ever before.
Allen Cooke -Bluegrass Musician
Boulder, Colorado

"I had several goals when I started training with Ernie.  In less than a month I was well on my way to completing all of them.  He is an easy going and dynamic personal trainer and I would highly recommend working with him!"
Lauren Kutscher 
-Dr. of Veterinary medicine
Boulder, Colorado

"I ordered six sessions of training over three weeks with Ernie Port.  In just the first two weeks, I lost 8 lbs.  My wife has even begun to see changes as I lose fat and gain muscle. Ernie makes getting into shape practical.  He's not someone who advocates any sort of a crash program or diet that only works temporarily.  Nor does he push you so hard that you dread working out with him.  He encourages a lifestyle change that is actually doable by the average person through weight training, cardio, and diet.  I truly enjoy training with Ernie.  He has the incredible ability to gauge how far you can go, then push you just beyond that, giving you results that would be unattainable on your own.  This, among other things, shows that he is a seasoned trainer.  I will definitely order more sessions with Ernie in the future.  My health depends on it!"
Cody Phillips -NCAR Meteorologist
Boulder, Colorado

"Working with Ernie has been a fun, hard working, and a diverse experience. 
Ernie really pushes to make you better and stronger, always considering personal needs.  It was a pleasure to have Ernie as my personal trainer.  I’ve become a fitter and a happier person because Ernie makes working out fun and part of your lifestyle."

Vicki Song -University of Colorado graduate
Boulder, Colorado

"I have worked with Ernie for over 17 months and feel great, have dropped my weight from 260lbs down to 195lbs, while gaining muscle mass and strength.  
I appreciate that Ernie pushes me during each session, yet is never overbearing. As well as weight training, he has started to get me thinking more about my diet, and is always helpful when I have questions.
I plan on continuing to train with Ernie and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great personal trainer."
(Rob is now down to 182lbs, a changed man!)
Rob T.
-Software engineer
Boulder, Colorado

"I completed 16 great sessions with Ernie...he has me on the road to better health and form. I'm feeling great again! I just signed up for my 3rd round of 8 sessions, as I'm right on track to meet weight reduction goals...with his expert guidance!"
Christian Vanek -Business owner
Boulder, Colorado

"I've completed 20 sessions with Ernie and am ready to take on more! Ernie is helping me achieve my training goals with gentle encouragement. He makes a workout seem easy going, yet he keeps me focused, and at the right intensity level required to meet my goals.  He is serious about training but easy going.  
I actually WANT to come to the training sessions. He is always on time and ready to go.  I have trained with many trainers over the years, and unlike others, Ernie is focused on me, not himself."
John Sadler
-Child Psychiatrist
Boulder, Colorado

"Working out with Ernie has been a life changer for me.  My previous experience with trainers had left me unsatisfied and unmotivated to continue.  I was looking for a change in my life and I knew that I needed someone to get me going in the right direction and keep me on that path.  After the very first session I knew that Ernie was the right fit, as he is very motivating and makes you want to push yourself with each exercise.  He is also very flexible which made planning my workouts around school very easy, which meant that I could always stay on track.  I have completed 75 sessions with him and would highly recommend Ernie to anyone who is having a tough time getting their workouts and fitness to the level they want to be at."
Ben Zatz -Aerospace Engineering graduate, University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

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